Privacy Policy

Company name: MDGOLF SL
C.I.F. number B29832409
Mercantile Information: inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Malaga 5, Volume 1995, Book 908, Folio 52, Section 8, Page MA-28630, Inscrip 3.


Company name: Malaga golf clubs hire (MGCH)
Registered office at Avd. Comandante Garcia Morato 32, 29004 Málaga
Phone: 034 670622550

In MGCH we treat your personal data in order to manage the commercial relationship with you in the rental of golf clubs.

Likewise, we use these data to contact you in relation to the reservations you have or to send you commercial information, either by phone or email. Likewise, we use said data for internal statistical purposes in order to better understand the market in question.


All data provided by you will be kept in our databases during the term of the contract, as well as during the limitation period of actions that may arise in relation to this contract.
Likewise, we must store them to satisfy the possible claims made by official bodies such as the General Directorate of Traffic, Finance or others.
The Law obliges us to keep such data at least 5 years from the moment of the end of the contract.


In order to improve our services and know your impressions, we store the personal data you provided us to be able to contact you via email. Commercial shipments will only be made if you explicitly tell us so by entering your user panel and checking the box that enables it. By default, when registering on our website, this box is never activated.
At any time you can urge us to forget, delete, oppose or cancel said data from our commercial files. You can do it by email to (we need to have proof in writing) or by unchecking the box that enables it in your user panel.


MGCH does not transfer your data to any entity, company or individual, except for official bodies that request them. These organisms are (among others):

– The General Directorate of Traffic, according to article 11.1. a) of Royal Legislative Decree 6/2015, of October 30, approving the revised text of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety.
They can request your data for the management of traffic fines that may have been incurred when driving our vehicles, and it is our obligation to identify the driver.
– Insurance companies by article 2 of Royal Legislative Decree 8/2004, of October 29, which approves the revised text of the Law on civil liability and insurance in the circulation of motor vehicles.
The management of the compulsory insurance of vehicles in accidents and derivatives can be requested by your data.
– State security forces.
They can request your information in judicial requests.
– Judges and courts.
They can request your information to satisfy some judicial procedure.
– Tax agency.
You can request your data to comply with the tax obligations to which we are subject.

In any of these cases, MGCH will warn you by email of the need we have to share your information with the agency that is requesting it. The purpose of notifying you will be to obtain your prior consent. If still, you do not accept to give us such consent and the current Law obliges us to assign them, we will also notify you of said cause.

Likewise, we inform you that for the golf club rental service, Cargest will share your data with the company MDGOLF S.L. that brings this service.


Your data is taken when you register on our website ( to make a reservation for vehicles or golf clubs. We use these data in order to manage contracts in a timely manner, bearing in mind that the collection of such data is mandatory.
At the time of formalizing the contract in our offices, you will be asked for more information to be able to comply with what the current Law obliges us.

The data are:
– Name and surname
– DNI / Passport (we make a photocopy of it here)
– Mobile phone
– Usual address
– Address in which to be able to contact you during your stay in Spain
– Birthdate
– Email

Without such data, it would not be impossible to carry out the business relationship of renting golf clubs.


At any time, you can contact us by email to the address indicating that you want to exercise your rights to:

– Modification: If you want to change any data that you gave us. Likewise, you can notify us if you do not want to receive more commercial information or any other aspect.
– Deletion: If you want us to delete your data from our databases.
– Oblivion: We promise to destroy all information we have about you.

Keep in mind, that the rights of suppression and forgetfulness will have to comply with the current Law in relation to which we are obliged to store your data a minimum of 5 years for the official organisms. If you exercise your rights of suppression or forgetfulness, rest assured that we will only contact you for notices that said official organisms do to us. After these 5 years, your data will be deleted as you requested.


Navigation, access and use of the website MGCH gives the user status by accepting, from browsing page MGCH, all conditions of use set forth herein without prejudice to the application of the relevant regulations legally enforceable as appropriate.
Websites MGCH provide a wide variety of information, services and data. The user assumes responsibility for the proper use of the website. This responsibility extend to:

– The accuracy and legality of the information provided by the user in the forms issued by MGCH for access to certain content or services offered by the web.

– The use of information, services and data offered by MGCH contrary to the provisions of the present conditions, the law, morals, good customs or public order or which otherwise may involve injury to the rights of third parties or the operation of the website.


MGCHis not responsible for the content of web pages that users can access through links provided on its website and states that in no case shall examine or exercise any control over the contents of other pages network. It also does not guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, reliability, validity or legality of pages outside your property to which can be accessed through links. MGCH states have adopted all necessary measures to avoid any damages to users of its website, may arise from browsing its web pages. Consequently, MGCH is not responsible under any circumstances for any damage that surfing the Internet user may suffer.


MGCH reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate, without notice, the content of your website. Both with regard to the content of the website, and in the conditions of use thereof or the General Terms and Conditions. Such modifications may be made through their website, for any admissible into law and must be complied with during the time they are published on the web and until they are not validly modified by subsequent.


MGCH does not use their own cookies. We use sessions in our main server for added data security.

MGCH reserves the right to change this policy without notice and use cookies in the user navigation through its website for easy customization and ease of navigation. Following the data protection policy of the company, MGCH informs that cookies are associated with the anonymous user and your computer and do not provide the full name and surname.

Please note also that we use third party applications (Google Analytics) takes statistics for countries in which you access our website. Google uses cookies to such work, and are beyond our control, as the manages it from your system.

The user has the ability to configure your browser to be informed of the receipt of cookies and can, if desired, prevent their being installed on your hard drive. However, to access the website of MGCH will not be mandatory installation of cookies.


In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, MGCH informs users of its website that the personal data collected by the company through the forms in its pages, will be introduced on a automated file under the responsibility of MGCH, in order to facilitate, expedite and fulfill the commitments made by both parties. Also, MGCH informed of the possibility of exercising rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by writing to C / Garcia Morato 32 29004 MALAGA address.

Until you tell us otherwise, we understand that your data has not been modified, you agree to notify any change and that we consent to use in order to retain the relationship between the parties.


Intellectual property rights and industrial derivatives of all text, images, as well as ways and means of presentation and assembly of its pages are, by itself or as an assignee, to MGCH will therefore be protected as intellectual property by the Spanish legal system, being applicable both Spanish and EU regulations in this field, such as international treaties on the matter and signed by Spain.

All rights reserved. In compliance with the Law on Intellectual Property reproduction, distribution, public communication and use of all or part of the contents of their websites without the express consent of MGCH it is expressly prohibited.


MGCH the right to file civil or criminal actions it deems appropriate for the misuse of their web pages and content or for breach of these conditions also reserves.

The relationship between the user and MGCH by Spanish legislation is governed by and shall be competent to decide any dispute that may arise between you and MGCH, courts or tribunals of the city of Malaga.